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德永葵 大作個展

会期 : 2024/6/1(土)〜6/16(日)
会場 : myheirloom
東京都中央区日本橋大伝馬町11-10 西井ビル3F
德永 葵 
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2022年 個展「記憶への代入」 myheirloom(東京都千代田区)

2021年 京都市立芸術大学 作品展 市長賞

2022年 京都銀行











myheirloom is pleased to present a solo exhibition of large scale works by Aoi Tokunaga, entitled “So far/future”.

This exhibition is a turning point for Tokunaga, who completed her studies at Kyoto City University of Arts this spring, as it is a time for her to look back on the results of her six years of study and to prepare for her future works.

It will also mark the official opening of myheirloom after its relocation to Nihonbashi-Ohdenmacho and a preview exhibition. In addition to the first presentation of three large works he has produced to date in Tokyo, the exhibition will also feature three new works created in a new environment after completing his graduate degree.

Although her works tend to focus on the technical aspects, what she essentially wants to express are the conflicts she feels in her daily life, things she does not want to see, and the reality that makes her want to look away. The realism that captures these things from an objective viewpoint will be the main axis of Tokunaga's production stance in the future.

She is currently in the process of reconsidering various aspects of her work, such as rethinking her concept, selecting motifs, and changing her production environment, in order to return to the starting point of her creative process upon completion of her graduate degree.

There is no doubt that this exhibition will be an important link between her past, present, and future.

We hope you will experience the “So far/future” of Aoi Tokunaga, who has taken a step forward to a new stage while looking back on her past progress, through her large scale works.
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